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14 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I would like to meet Annie, if you still have her.
    Seriously considering adoption. I am in Lubec.

    I live alone with my 13 year old cat, Shammy.
    Shammy has been an only cat since May 10
    this year when I had to have my 17 year old
    Wally pts.

    Domestic Short Hair-orange
    Medium, Adult
    Trenton, ME

  2. Hello I saw your post on “Sheldon”, if he goes up for adoption, I would love to meet him. I have been looking for an older dog for several months. Thank you, Dianne

    • Hi Lisa,
      We have had lots of interest in Sheldon. I will keep your email and once we decide what the next step is, I will let you know. We did start talking to a Sheltie Rescue the day after he was picked up.
      Thanks for your interest.

    • Hi Lee,
      Sorry for the delay in response and not sure if you have already contacted the shelter directly. Brandy has been adopted. There are many others here looking for good homes. Please call or come by and visit.
      Thanks for your interest.

  3. I am looking for a home for my mother’s cat who is ironically named Annie and is a short hair, orange cat. She is about fourteen and my mother is no longer able to keep her due to illness. Mom adopted her from her best friends (husband and wife) who both died within two months of each other. Annie likes to curl up on a chair or in your lap, she eats only dry cat food, and she would be best as an only cat or with one other. She is fine with a dog. I feel really sorry for her because she has lost two owners within three years and she is a sweetheart. I have severe allergies to cats, so I can not keep her. Anybody know of a gentle home for her?

  4. Hello…

    My name is Joe Silva, a singer/songwriter produced by ‘Late Show w/ David Letterman’ drummer Anton Fig. Much of my musical career has been dedicated to philanthropic efforts, including animal rescue across America. I have a good friend named Steven Ritt in Llano, California, who is a Hollywood dog trainer (Married w/ Children, Veronica Mars, Janet Jackson), rescuer and filmmaker. He recently produced and directed a beautiful, award-winning short film called ‘UNLEASHED LOVE’ (just 11 minutes long) to promote dog/animal rescue. I’m wondering if you would be kind enough to view his film at and share it with your followers and friends, assuming you do love the film — which I know you will. Steven has a heart of gold and his heartwarming film deserves to be seen. I’m working to help get the word out on Steven’s film so many can enjoy and share it. I can’t think of a better way to spend the New Year than spreading the word about compassion and love towards animals!

    Thanks so much for your time — and for all you do!


    Joe Silva

  5. Hello my boyfriend and I are gonna be looking for a small to medium size dog by the end of April I didn’t know if you work with other places and could bring other dogs In if you had them in a different area but we do have a landlord and he doesn’t allow big ones so was just curious!?

    • Sorry for just seeing this message. There are different dogs coming in at different times. We never know. Please stop in at the shelter to fill out the adoption application and our receptionist can add you to the “wish list” and will contact you if a dog comes in that matches what you are looking for.
      Thanks for contacting us.

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