Founded in 1911, the SPCA of Hancock County, Maine, is a life-saving organization committed to providing shelter and care for abandoned, stray and surrendered animals. Since opening the doors of our expanded facility in Trenton in October 2010, our organization has found homes for thousands of dogs and cats.
We are also focused on community outreach and education on proper and humane animal care.

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Happy Tails

Twig & Smudge

Twig and Smudge are a bonded sibling duo that recently went home and sent an update. Here is what their family had to say: “They

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Ducky, the gray tabby on the right with the big tomcat cheeks, is happy to be accepted for cuddles in his family of cats! Ducky

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Odin & Oliver

Odin and Oliver are a bonded pair of brothers that had a difficult time finding the right home for them – but after some stressful

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Wine & Whiskers is Coming!

Come out to support the stray and surrendered dogs of Hancock County. It’s a fabulous event with auctions, food, music, and cash bar, at the beautiful Bar Harbor Club.

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Pet of the Week


Francine is a spunky girl with a voracious appetite and a lot to say. We think she’s about 2 or 3 years old. She’s pretty vocal and loves attention, but she’s not too keen on being picked up. She loves being petted on her head though, and she sometimes makes cute little “sigh” noises. She might follow you around meowing for food. We only let her have dry food in small portions to make sure she doesn’t eat too quickly and get sick. We think she’d eat the whole shelter if she could!

Francine wasn’t spayed when she came to us, and it turned out she had pyometra. Pyometra is an infection of the uterus which, if left untreated, can be fatal. She received an immediate antibiotic injection and was scheduled for a spay as soon as possible. Spay surgeries for pyometra usually cost more (an extra $125 or more) and are more invasive than a standard spay surgery because the uterus is enlarged. But Francine got the care she needed and healed well! Now she’s ready to come home with you where she can eat even more snacks! 

Pet of the Week


Cody is a sweet older boy (16 years old!) in need of a quiet and calm home.

We don’t usually see much of him during the day. He prefers to hide in a dark, cozy spot in his cage. We know he comes out at night to explore and have a snack, though!

Cody is just in shock. He was in his last home for most (if not all) of his life, and he suddenly found himself here at the shelter. We’ve given him some time to come out of his shell, but at this point, he may only truly relax once he’s in a real home environment. He doesn’t mind being held, but he gets a bit anxious in a new room with lots of space. Fair enough, Cody! Wide open spaces can be scary. Sometimes you just want to curl up under a blanket on the couch, and Cody prefers to do this every day.

If this gentle older boy is your speed (or lack thereof!), send in an application for Cody. Senior cats like Cody have discounted adoption fees because they’re often overlooked for kittens or younger cats. But Cody needs a cozy home for his golden years, too!