It’s the end of one year and the beginning of another. We’d like to share this review of 2018 with you. As with every year, there have been ups and downs. Look at what we’ve accomplished, thanks to the support of our wonderful community:

-We adopted out over 470 cats and over 100 dogs.

-Every stray dog that came into our facility went home again with their original owner within 24 hours.

-We intalled and opened the All-Paws Pet Wash to help you clean your dirty dogs.

-Our Pet Food Pantry served an average of nine families per month.

-Our PALs (Prevent a Litter) program helped spay or neuter 47 cats, 17 dogs, and 3 rabbits for community members in need.

-CLYNK bottle redemptions brought us over $10,000 this year – our best year yet!

-We received enough Kuranda beds through a Kuranda bed drive to ensure that there is one for every kennel in the shelter. These beds will last for years to come, giving hundreds of shelter dogs a softer place to sleep over the years.

-We received enough safety cords for every leash in the shelter. These safety cords attach to the leash on one end and have a clip on the other end. This way, we have two points of attachment when we walk the shelter dogs: one clip on the harness and one on the collar. This is incredibly helpful with fearful dogs and those who are new to the shelter.

-We started this blog, the 4-Paw Post, to help you keep in touch with what’s going on here at the shelter.

-We reached 10,000 Facebook followers despite the changes to Facebook’s news feed algorithms which are increasingly attempting to force nonprofit organizations such as ours to pay money in order for all of our followers to see our posts.

-The 2020 Celebrity Pets of the Maine Coast Calendar is going to be stunning – and the photo contest we held to choose the photos raised over $5,000! The calendar will be available for sale Summer 2019.

Wow, look at all of that! On the whole, it’s been a good year. Thank you so much, each and every one, for all of your support this year. Without you, we could not have done this. We can hardly wait to show you our plans for 2019!