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Meet Cindy Lou

Cindy Lou’s extended journey highlights the long-term investment that the SPCA of Hancock County is making in our local communities, and it’s commitment to a fear-free, no-kill environment.

Her transformation is made possible because of your support. We hope you enjoy her condensed story as an example of what we are accomplishing together!

Cindy Lou originally came to the shelter in 2020 as a frightened and quirky stray. The shelter’s first priority with Cindy Lou was to help her feel safe and secure and then to help her accept friendship and guidance from humans. With this new beginning, her perspective and energy quickly transformed and she became a playful cuddle bug. She was adopted after a couple of months, and she had a great experience with her new family.  

Sadly though, in early 2022 her family underwent a dramatic change in circumstance, and Cindy Lou once again needed the shelter’s help to find a permanent home. Her 2nd stay with the SPCA lasted from May until October, when she became a staff, volunteer, and community favorite. 

Since Cindy Lou did not get along well with other cats and dogs, it took a little while to find a family where she could be an only pet. Excitingly, she went home with her new mom a few weeks ago and her mom reports that she enjoys lots of snuggles, playtime, romps around their large property, and delicious treats. Just the kind of life every dog deserves!

The Giving Tuesday Mission:

Many in our community are encouraged and relieved to learn about our philosophy of care. We are determined to use all possible means to support every animal that comes into our care. This dedication strengthens our community and protects the compassionate hearts of all who interact with our shelter, ensuring that together we remain a humane solution to alleviate animal suffering in our neighborhoods.

 This year on Giving Tuesday, we hope to raise $5,000 to go towards general operating funds that will be used to care for extended recoveries. Your donations will help us to cover standard healthcare expenses like vaccinations, deworming, and flea treatments. It’s also very common for us to help animals recover from advanced infections, sudden health emergencies, chronic health conditions, or prolonged behavioral issues. 

Thankfully, our veterinarian costs are often discounted and/or often donated by local veterinarians, we buy medical supplies and medicines at bulk rates, and we use various other practices to reduce costs and to plan ahead for the long-term health of our animals. Donations on Giving Tuesday will further strengthen our ability to provide adequate care for the Animals of Hancock County! Thank You! 

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