THIRTY-SEVEN Cats and Kittens arrive from Georgia!

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a Georgia Peach? Well we’ve got 37 of the sweetest Peaches you will ever meet! On February 20, 2021 we received 37 cats and kittens from the state of Georgia.

During the winter months it’s not uncommon for us to have few cats. One of the reasons is that here in Maine most cats don’t breed during the winter due to the severe cold. But because of the ongoing pandemic, so many of you in our community reached out to us wanting a furry companion to bring you comfort.

So what did we do? Our animal care manager, Nicole, reached out to other organizations “down south” where there is an abundance of cats and kittens. In Georgia she found just what you were looking for! The organization Nicole worked with picked up felines who had been sitting in small cages for months. Some were about to be euthanized because they had not been adopted. We just don’t like to see that happen.

Back at the shelter we had applications dating back to October 2020! Once we received our “Georgia Peaches” we went through applications to see who had not yet found a furbaby. Some of you found your forever friend and we are delighted for you. Those of you whose applications were still outstanding were invited to come meet the new crew. Once your needs were satisfied, and we has no more applications, we posted the cats that are still with us on our website to let everyone in our community know we have cats available. That’s our process, those who have filled out an application for a cat or dog are contacted as soon as we get a new guest. If you see animals on our website, they are available for the whole community to adopt.

We were elated by your positive reactions to the Georgia Peaches and for the support everyone gave. You were all so excited to see our new additions and we were excited too. We were like expectant parents setting everything up for their arrival: toys, soft blankets, and clean cat trees. We were even excited to put new names on our cat crates. One would think we have never see cats at the shelter! 

Of course with all this excitement there are always speed bumps that slow us down and bring us back to reality. Cats can become overly stressed when changing environments. They can become sick, act timid, and even refuse to eat for a few days. One of the pregnant mothers gave birth the morning after she arrived.

There were also a few sneezing cats. Unfortunately the germs spread fast to all of the other cats  in the small that was used for their trip from Georgia. We are so grateful to those of you who follow the SPCA HC regularly. You stepped right up to the plate donating humidifiers to make our new guests comfortable.

Our expert animal care team have been busy caring for these wonderful cats and getting them back into tip-top shape. We are thankful for all of you who follow the SPCA HC on social media and in the news. We are delighted that you want to share yourself, your resources, and homes with these furbabies.

If you are not able to open your home there are so many other ways you can help our defenseless companion animals. We just received a beautiful assortment of note cards designed by one of our staff members. We are selling packs of ten for $15. If that’s not your cup of tea, we always need food, toys, and and other things. Just check our wishlist. Perhaps you can hold your own fundraiser for the shelter animals. Touch base with us and let us know what you want to do. Finally, we are always collecting redeemable bottles. You can drop them off at the shelter (in tied bags please) or give us a call and we’ll pick them up.

We know we cannot do the work of saving lives alone. Thank you for everything you do!