Super seniors

Currently, at the shelter we have over a dozen amazing cats that are frequently passed over because of their status as senior/older cats. There are many misconceptions about older kitties, but the life expectancy of cats has actually increased dramatically with a range of 13 – 17 years, and it is not uncommon for a domestic cat to live up to 20! Here at the SPCA-HC, we also have a senior-to-senior discount, where folks over the age of 65 adopting a senior cat get 30% off their adoption!

What you see is what you get

Our senior pets know who they are, what they want, and why they want things a certain way. One of the benefits of adopting a senior cat is that the shelter staff can likely tell you all their little quirks and purrsonality traits, which is far more difficult to do with a younger kitty who is still developing their behaviors and attitudes. The top question we receive from potential adopters is if a pet is good with children and other animals. The answer to this can be fairly uncertain with a younger cat, as they haven’t had many experiences to test this. With our senior pets, it’s much more likely that we will know their preferences regarding children and other animals. Not only does this give potential adopters an advantage in understanding their new companion, but it also helps the pet adjust better to their new environment when their wants and needs are already known. The more guess-work that can be taken out of a new home transition, the better!

Skip the training

While there are senior pets with their own struggles and challenges, many are just looking for a calm, quiet retirement. Felines and canines alike, the youngsters need a significant period of training, whether it’s bathroom, teething, manners, and more. Our older residents are usually already well-versed in manners, bathroom etiquette, and routines – it’s like a Fast Pass to the best parts of having a furry companion! Many folks are hesitant to adopt senior pets, associating medical/health conditions with age. One of the benefits of adopting from the SPCA-HC is that our animals are closely monitored, and medical conditions are diligently tracked and treated. Identified medical needs are distinctly labeled on cage cards and an animal care employee can tell you what we’ve tried – what works and what hasn’t. While this does apply to some of our senior pets, the majority have no identified health conditions and are as healthy as a … horse?

Older pets need homes too

With all the hustle and bustle of kitten season, we know the allure of baby animals. They’re adorable and also deserving of amazing homes! We ask that looking ahead to your next furever friend, consider learning more about our older pals who are often overlooked simply due to their age. We promise they’re worth it!