Blueberry is about 3 years old, and as sweet as pie!

Adoptable cat Blueberry posted on our Facebook page, “What do you mean, the people who walked by my cage today all decided not to adopt me? That’s awfully silly of them! Don’t they know what a nice cat I am? That’s humans for you, I guess.” It’s true, Blueberry, not everyone is ready to adopt when they come to visit the shelter! There are other ways to show support for our adoptable animals, though.

T & Z Pawtraits saw Blueberry’s plight, and created this pawtrait just for her:

4×6 popup by T & Z Pawtraits, October 2018

Blueberry’s post was also shared at least 60 times. Why is sharing useful? Facebook tends to be opaque about the way they sort who gets to see what posts, so although we have over 9,000 Facebook followers, only a third of them are likely to see our posts about adoptable animals. Sharing posts and commenting on them are two reliable ways to help Facebook detect that people are interested in seeing more of our posts, and also helps new people learn about adoptable animals like Blueberry! This is a very easy way to help the shelter animals’ visibility.

Another way to help Blueberry is to sponsor her through her Petfinder listing: Blueberry on Petfinder.