The long-awaited story of Amos’s happy tails for Giving Tuesday!!!!

We love this happy tail because it truly demonstrates the positive power of social media and the difference a community can make. Amos will be referred to as Scooby for the remainder of this post, as that is his forever home name 😊 ❤️

We had previously shared that Scooby was our current longest-cat resident at the SPCA-HC, having been here since April. We were hoping he may get an adoption application from the post, but we were hesitant to get too hopeful, as Scooby had some health needs that tend to scare people away, including being FIV+ and needing a special diet for diabetic remission.

Anyway, we posted Scooby’s lengthy stay status and asked the community to share his story in hopes that he would find a furever home, and boy, did you all deliver! His story was shared far and wide… and then, we received a message.

Scooby already HAD a furever home! He had been missing for 8 months and his family was losing hope that he would return home safely. Scooby was found nearly an hour away from the SPCA when he came to us, so we weren’t an obvious place to check. If it hadn’t been for this amazing community sharing his story with so much support, his family may have never known he was here, patiently waiting to be reunited. We shared his new medical needs, knowing it’s a lot to take on, and his family immediately took the steps to ensure he would receive all the care he needed once he returned home. Scooby strolled into his home without skipping a beat and made himself… well, at home!

This happy tail story is possible because of YOU! Every person who follows us – anyone who liked, commented, or shared his post – YOU helped return Scooby to his family. We hope this story stays with folks when they see other animals’ stories that we post. Your single interaction with a post can reunite a pet, interest someone in applying for a furry friend, or encourage someone to donate to the animals in our care.

This Giving Tuesday, please consider donating to our animals. For the Scooby’s who are missing home, for the ones who never had a home, and for the ones who lost the only home they’ve ever known.

Happy Tails, Scoob 💙




The beautiful cat you see in the “after” photos lives the same life as a typical cat and is THRIVING from the love and care given by his family. We are so thankful that his family saw him for his beautiful spirit and the dedication they’ve given to nurse him to the beautiful, healthy cat he is today.

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Winifred & Lily

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Pretz the cat in basket


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