Who are you –  tell us about yourself!

My name is Lexa Blomberg. I am graduating from the College of the Atlantic with a major in Human Ecology. I’ve always been passionate about animals. Together with my family, we have  2 dogs, named Beau-Bourbon and Koa-Cola, 2 cats, 2 ferrets, and 3 ducks. One of our ducks even has his own wheelchair that we custom-made for him. Also recently, I adopted a cat from here at the SPCA shelter named Blueberry.

Tell us about your Internship!

As part of my Human Ecology major, I am required to complete a 3 month internship with a qualifying organization. Working alongside SPCA staff, SPCA volunteers, and also the community public has blended my major together with my passion. It has also provided a behind-the-scenes look into what it takes to operate an animal shelter.

What inspired you to select the SPCA of Hancock County for your internship?

I knew that I wanted to be somewhere around animals and also I enjoy a hands-on learning approach. I had been volunteering already at the SPCA for nearly a year before my internship began, so I was familiar with what I would be doing. Also, I knew friends who had completed internships here at the SPCA a couple of years ago, so it seemed like a natural fit. 

What do you love the most about working with animals?

They don’t talk back, lol. Animals have an innate sense of calmness and compassion that I’ve always been drawn to. At home, our dog Beau-Bourbon is even an Emotional Support Animal. Showing up every day, and doing my best for them just feels right for me. It would bother me to do anything less than 100%. 

What will you do next?

I’ll be back after my internship to volunteer again. Then I plan to graduate from COA and move back to my hometown with my boyfriend. Once there, I’m considering working at another animal shelter or possibly working in farm management. Also, currently, I work with adults with disabilities, supporting them and their pets in their homes, which I also enjoy. Eventually, someday I plan to open my own business, such as a Doggie Day Care, or grooming service.


A message from Shelter Staff:

“Working with Lexa has been a pleasure. From the very beginning, even as a volunteer, she has exhibited a strong work ethic and has been a true professional. The animals love her and she has been an amazing asset to have at the shelter. We wish we could keep her forever!”

Thank you Lexa! 

Lexa has volunteered 3+ months of her time to fulfill her internship here at the SPCA, putting most of the rest of her life on hold to make this happen. We are thrilled she choose to support the Animals of Hancock County.

If you would like to send your compliments and best wishes to Lexa in all her future endeavors, please feel free to send a personalized letter to:

SPCA of Hancock County:
Attn: Lexa Blomberg
141 Bar Harbor Rd
Trenton, Me. 04605