The Bangor Savings Bank believes in giving back to the communities, and they feel the best way to do that this February is by letting you, the people of the community, decide which nonprofits are most deserving of a grant from them. We think you know where we’re going with this! The homeless cats and dogs of the SPCA of Hancock County would so appreciate that sort of money coming in to maintain their high quality of care and allow us to continue to seek to improve our establishment to make it the best no-kill shelter in Maine. It doesn’t cost anything but a few moments of your time to vote, and it makes all the difference for these cats and dogs.

A total of 44 grants will be awarded to the organizations listed on the ballot and to the top 11 write-in vote recipients (one per region). The top 2 vote-getting organizations in each region, including write-ins (like the SPCA of Hancock County!), will each receive $5,000. The remaining 33 organizations will each receive $1,000.

You may submit one (1) online ballot with up to five (5) votes. Votes may be for organizations on the ballot, write-ins, or a combination of both, but cannot total more than five. Votes must be for 5 different nonprofits. Duplicate ballots will be removed.

Voters must be Maine or New Hampshire residents.

Online voting ends February 29, 2020 at 11:59.59 pm.

Thank you, Bangor Savings, and all of your sponsors, for making the community matter more! Let’s share this and spread the love and goodwill this month!

Please vote now at