Love, The Best Medicine

Bob is a special cat (you can see what he went through and his amazing recovery in this video on our channel but his story continues over a year later. Now he is feeling great and enjoys six small meals a day to satisfy his munchies. He has also chosen a new human as his favorite: Dave, Cole’s brother.

Dave never wanted Bob to move into the house – it was supposed to be a temporary arrangement, after all, but he didn’t want to get attached to an old cat that was dying. Well, Bob had other plans! He quickly singled Dave out as his favorite human and won him over. Now the two are inseparable.

Dave recently broke his leg, so when he wasn’t going to his room like normal at night, Bob would cry. Cole made a “decoy” Dave using pillows to try and satisfy Bob, but all Bob really wanted was his buddy. Now he snuggles him and gives pain relief by purring next to the injury – Dave claims it actually helps!

No one expected Bob to be alive and well nearly two years after he was found nearly unresponsive. Now he completes his family. Happy tails to Bob and Dave!