Superstar Seamus

A young boy in Bar Harbor is proving you can do anything you set your mind to. 7-year-old Seamus Colby is holding bake sales this month to raise money for the SPCA of Hancock County. Click through to listen to Seamus talk to Star 97.7.


Bella & Walter

Bella and Walter are best buds that were abandoned and ended up on their neighbors property. The neighbor befriended them and took them to us to give them a second chance. Bella had recently weaned kittens but they were nowhere to be found, so she became a surrogate mother to a litter of our orphaned kittens! Both Bella and Walter have curious purr-sonalities. The two weren’t bonded at first, but quickly became so! They are doing amazing in their new home together. Quote from their…


Odin & Oliver

Odin and Oliver are bonded brothers with the sweetest relationship. They were surrendered to us at around 8 years old. Odin was having trouble adjusting to the shelter and plucking his hair out, while Oliver resorted to hidey holes and towers. Fur-tunately, Pam, their new mom, could provide the quiet and loving home they needed! Both are coming out of their shell beautifully, and even chase each other through the house. Quote from mom: They are quite happy now!

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Kittens on CLYNK bags

Save Our Shelter Bottle Drive

Save Our Shelter Bottle Drive Saturday, June 27,  9am - 12pm Drop your refundables off at these locations and learn from our volunteers about how participating in our CLYNK program saves animals' lives: Franklin Veterans Club at 4 Cards Crossing, Franklin The Surry Store at 1305 Surry Rd, Surry SPCA of Hancock County at 141 Bar Harbor Rd, Trenton Otter Cove Lane on Route 15 in Sedgwick (just south of Strong Brewery) Additional information: There will be two volunteers at each station, wearing masks and…

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Kitty on pink blanket

Is It Fair to Keep Cats Inside?

Years ago, nearly every cat was an outdoors-cat. Having indoors-only cats is a relatively new thing. Many people now feel that pets are like family, so some reason of course they stay inside where it is safe. But others wonder about the wild origins of their cats and think, “Is it even fair to the cats? Why should I keep them indoors?” Let’s consider a few facts about what sort of life expectancy and quality of life outdoor cats can anticipate versus indoor cats. Outdoor…