Have you ever wondered why animal care experts like veterinarians and shelters stress the importance of microchipping your pets? Sure, most of us love chips, but not those kind. Is it really so important that it was necessary to make May National Chip Your Pet Month? You may have legitimate questions about the process, like does it hurt my pet? Are there any risks involved? What does a microchip even do? Because we offer public microchip services (yes, you can make an appointment to get…

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Look at all these community-minded young artists! Simon says, "Thank MEW for the beautiful art!"

Mainers helping Mainers

As COVID-19 and coronavirus become household words, no one seems to escape the impact of this global pandemic, and yet our shelter continues to go on thanks to the efforts of our wonderful staff, volunteers, and community. In March, even as social distancing became more strict, we still saved over 40 animals, and we had a record-breaking month of volunteer hours donated to the cause. That is thanks to you, our neighbors and friends. When we saw that we would need to move more of…


SPCA operates under COVID 19 restrictions

SPCA operates under COVID-19 restrictions The Hancock County SPCA has a new way of operating while we comply with COVID-19 restrictions. Visits to the Shelter: The shelter is currently not able to accomodate walk-ins by the public. Please make an appointment so that we can manage the number of guests in our shelter.While you are here, please wear a mask!Adoptions:  Adoptions are happening! Please fill out the cat adoption application or the dog adoption application. Volunteers:  Yes, we are still in need of volunteers who can help…

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Ever Consider Fostering?

Ahh, spring, when love is in the air and shelters become overrun with kittens. While an unspayed cat can have about three litters of kittens a year (that’s well over a dozen new cats!), it seems shelters are always overrun with pregnant cats and newborn kittens from March to September. That is a long kitten season! For a no-kill shelter like us, that means we would quickly reach full capacity with kittens alone. That is where our foster program comes in. Fosters who have experience…


Stanley Subaru receives Humane Business Award THANK YOU STANLEY SUBARU! At SPCA of Hancock County we know that we can count on Subaru. Maybe not totally in the way you might think - although since our staff parking looks like a Subaru lot, yes, we know we can count on our Subaru to get us to work! But, we think more along the lines of how often Stanley Subaru is there for the community, and especially for the SPCA and the homeless dogs and cats who call our shelter their…