Big thanks to a big heart!

A HEARTY thank you to dear Isaiah Riley! (who donated the $97 dollars from his personal piggy bank!) It is heartwarming to see such an amazing youth taking such an interest in the future of the Hancock Animals! We want to thank you, Isaiah, for all the extra full bellies, warm snuggles, and delicious treats that your donation makes possible! And we can't wait to send you updates about all the fun projects happening at the SPCA!

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Kitty on pink blanket

Can You Open Your Home For a Sleepover?

Everyone deserves a cozy home to snuggle in, especially during cold winter months! Do you have room in yours to adopt or foster? We all love to see shelter success stories, and nothing makes us happier than seeing a fur baby in their forever home. Are you in a position to adopt or foster a shelter animal this month? Fostering helps the shelter immensely by allowing our animals to go to a more stress-free and natural home environment, which lets their true personalities shine and…


The Truth About Stainless Steel

Let's Face It, We Love Stainless Steel We’ve been making a conscious effort to move toward stainless steel products instead of plastic here at the SPCA, and with the goal of the Happy Cat Auction being to raise enough money to finish replacing our litter pans and scoops with stainless steel, now seems like a good time to explain WHY we want to make this transition. One look at stainless steel litter boxes and you can see they cost quite a bit more than their…