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Jimmy, adopted

Looking back, looking forward

It is the time of year that we reflect on what we accomplished in the 12 months past and our goals for the coming year. In 2019, we saved the lives of more than 700 homeless dogs and cats. We have our generous supporters, volunteers and advocates in the community to thank for that and we are grateful. Last year, the shelter took in 150 more animals than in 2018 and we know there are many more that need help. As a “no-kill” shelter, the…


Making a Difference

People who come to the shelter, particularly at this time of year, ask how they can help. It is a simple question with a complex answer. There are indeed many ways that people in the community can help homeless animals and we are grateful for their compassion. We are fortunate that people in our community are concerned about homeless animals. The reality is that homeless animals are a community problem and it is a problem that must be solved by the community within the community.…