Cody is a sweet older boy (16 years old!) in need of a quiet and calm home. We don’t usually see much of him during the day. He prefers to hide in a dark, cozy spot in his cage. We know he comes out at night to explore and have a snack, though! Cody is […]


Francine is a spunky girl with a voracious appetite and a lot to say. We think she’s about 2 or 3 years old. She’s pretty vocal and loves attention, but she’s not too keen on being picked up. She loves being petted on her head though, and she sometimes makes cute little “sigh” noises. She […]

White Cat

TEST POST FOR PET of the WEEK Block Editor just crackling with life. She may only have three legs after losing one to infection years ago, but she makes up for it with extra toes on her other feet. Some of our longtime supporters might recognize this green-eyed beauty, as she was Pet of the […]


Regan is a sassy oh-so-cute and SUPER food motivated girl! She even stole bagels from her first foster home. The next home she went to, she got so jealous of her new mom’s food she would bite her before she got a chance to eat it! Obviously, Regan needed a special home to fit her […]