We recently shared that resident diva, Chips, has found her furrever home and we couldn’t be more delighted to share how perfectly she’s settling in! Please enjoy the wonderful, Chips-esque updates from her person!

“Reporting in for Chips, almost 24 hours in home take over.

All is well, I barely heard a chirp last night from the queen which made me anxious after having the tiny tornado with knives (kittens). I had to vacuum and move furniture around, and she was fine. She found a hiding spot and came right out after.Β 

Last night without assistance, and with quiet crowd encouragement and much enthusiasm made it into high chairs, couch, window, seat, and bed. This morning after the Queen’s breakfast was served, she circled the bed then leapt to find a strip of sunshine on the bed. She was built to be worshipped.

Below are pictures of Miss Chips’ new perches, little Goldie locks finding the perfect one. She does love her scratch pad, so I ordered a few more. She loves napping back to back, and sitting almost on your hand so it’s your fault that your hand was in the no-touch zone, a little chirp no rattle snake, She is warming up.”

This Happy Tails brings so much laughter, light, and happiness and we love seeing Chips being herself and being SO loved for it! Please let this serve as a reminder that sometimes the “purrfect” companion is hiding behind a tough exterior – they simply need you to give them a chance. πŸ’™



Winifred & Lily

In October the SPCA of Hancock County held an adoption event with Stanley Subaru for Subaru Loves Pets Month. During this month, over 30 pets found their new furrever homes! Today’s Happy Tail comes from Winifred and Lily’s family!

Pretz the cat in basket


We have a wonderful Happy Tails from perfect Pretzel AKA The Bravest Boy in the World! If you’re unfamiliar with his history, here’s some background!



After being closed to the public for a bit while we follow isolation protocol to keep our kitties safe from an upper respiratory infection making its rounds, we were very excited to receive this wonderful Happy Tails update! Read along and we hope it makes your day as much as it made ours πŸ™‚