Miss Deja went from being a shy gal who spent her days at the SPCA-HC hiding under her blanket, to the star of her new household! It brought sunshine and rainbows to our day to read this update from Deja’s purrfect new furrever home!

“Just wanted to send you guys a little note letting you know that Deja’s first week in her new home has been splendid! She spent the first day and a half mostly hiding behind the washing machine (while still coming out for loves every now and then), but now she’s a total social butterfly. She hasn’t been under a blanket once! She is incredibly affectionate — I swear you can hear this cat purring from two rooms away. Her favorite place to lay is the living room rug, flat on her back with her tummy to the ceiling. It’s like she’s purposely trying to look as cute as possible 🙂 Also, if I didn’t know she was 10 years old, I wouldn’t believe it! She loves to zip around the house and whenever my husband or I get up to walk to a different room, she leads the way at a trot, always trying to predict where we’re going. She’s eating/drinking well, she’s sleeping well, using the litter box well and healthfully. Things couldn’t possibly be going better. Thank you so much for helping me choose her, and, thank you so much for what you do there at the SPCA.”

We truly love stories like this that remind folks that even the most shy cats have the potential to blossom when they’re showered with the love and affection they so deeply deserve!




The beautiful cat you see in the “after” photos lives the same life as a typical cat and is THRIVING from the love and care given by his family. We are so thankful that his family saw him for his beautiful spirit and the dedication they’ve given to nurse him to the beautiful, healthy cat he is today.

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Winifred & Lily

In October the SPCA of Hancock County held an adoption event with Stanley Subaru for Subaru Loves Pets Month. During this month, over 30 pets found their new furrever homes! Today’s Happy Tail comes from Winifred and Lily’s family!

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Pretz the cat in basket


We have a wonderful Happy Tails from perfect Pretzel AKA The Bravest Boy in the World! If you’re unfamiliar with his history, here’s some background!

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