Who remembers the big white boxer, Duke, who was very sweet and couldn’t stand being alone here at the shelter? Duke was adopted back in June 2018. Now he has plenty of people to keep him company, and a new name: Beau!

Here’s Beau with his loving family, including his canine sibling, Aimee!


His family tells us, “He is a great family dog!” And with cuddles like this, we sure see what they mean:


Looks like a good spot for a cuddle and a nap.


His family also tells us he’s spoiled rotten. We have to admit, getting to share the good woodstove spot with your sister at this time of year seems like a pretty good deal to us.



Beau hasn’t lost his sense of humor, either, as we can tell from this photo:


Aimee is saying, “What are you doing, silly brother? You’re gonna fall off the couch!”