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What is Subaru Loves Pets Month all about?

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October is National Subaru Loves Pets Month! Every year Subaru invests back into their local communities with five key intiatives: Subaru Loves the Earth; Subaru Loves to Care; Subaru Loves to Learn; Subaru loves to Help; and Subaru Loves Pets!

Subaru and their retailers are proud to have donated over $42 million to national and local organizations, which has enabled them to help in the adoption, rescue, transport, and health care of nearly 350,000 animals and pets.  

Our local Trenton Subaru dealership has selected to support the SPCA of Hancock county these past couple of years. To quote Kevin Townsend, General Manager at Stanley Subaru, “Subaru and the SPCA of Hancock County go hand in hand . . . We couldn’t be happier.”


Subaru donates the “Chewbaru” WRX squeaktoys to all visitors and dogs during the adoption events. 

Throughout the month of October, Kevin and other Subaru Associates help to host two special adoption events. These events become a rallying point for the community, spreading awareness through media opportunities such as TV interviews and radio broadcasting, while also celebrating happy adoptions as they happen. 

With still another full week to go, 33 animals have already been adopted! 24 new animals have been welcomed into the shelter (with more on the way), and there are currently 23 animals in foster! We also hosted an internal spay/neuter clinic this month, where we sent 22 animals away on a road trip to Topsham to become spayed/neutered and/or vaccinated.

It’s been a busy and productive month for animal welfare! This work is made possible because of amazing partners and contributors like Stanley Subaru. Stanley Subaru also helped connect the SPCA of Hancock County with the Eastern Area Agency for Aging, which supplies meals on wheels (including pet food) to qualifying seniors throughout Maine. Both partners are excited to connect and help strengthen Hancock County together! 

As if this all wasn’t enough, Stanley Subaru is also sponsoring our upcoming Howl-O-Run 5k Walk/Run on October 30th. As a grand prize, Stanley Subaru has donated one of its signature car detailing packages (which is great for cleaning up all that pet hair). Subaru associates even assemble the day before the race, and help to carve jack-o-lanterns for the route!

Thank you Stanley Subaru for helping local animals and strengthening our communities! Together we are accomplishing great work for Hancock County!

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