Dog Photos with Santa!

Mark your calendar because Santa’s coming, Santa’s coming…
And he’s not camera shy! Capture the magic of the season with a photo of Santa and your favorite pooch right on Santa’s front porch. We’ll help you capture the spirit of the season for just $15.00 per session. Please look over our FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions about this service. Q stands for question and A for answer, and they’re in numerical order.Q1) Count me in! How do I book a session?
A1) Email using the word SANTA in the subject line.
In the message please identify your name, dog(s) name, your preferred date, and your phone number.
Emails will be processed in the order received for each date.
We’re sorry, but we cannot accept specific time requests.

P.S. If you plan to bring more than one dog, please identify how many picture sessions you need.
For example, your message might read:
I have two dogs. I want a picture of each dog individually, then together.
Note: This would be three sessions at $15 each.

Q2) Oh no…life happens! How do I cancel?
A2) Please email using “CANCEL Santa” in the subject line.
We anticipate a waiting list, so your notification will help us include those on standby.

Q3) May any dog attend?
Q3) Reactive or nervous dogs most likely won’t want to sit with Santa.
For their sake and everyone’s safety, please give them the gift of staying home.
All dogs must be leashed when out of your vehicle.
Current rabies immunization is required.
Dogs will be dogs – so his/her behavior is your responsibility.
Yup, COVID is still hanging around so masks are required when out of your vehicle.

Q4) What about my cat?
A4) Have you heard the saying “Dogs and cats aren’t always a good mix”?
Add strangers and a bit of chaos and your kitty will be very unhappy. Please leave him/her home.

Q5) THE BIG REVEAL! How and when will I get my pictures?
A5) Your image(s) will be sent to you within a few days of the photo shoot in an email from the Linda at the SPCA. This allows you print at your convenience using the printing method of your choice.


Dec 13 2020


10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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