The Feel Better Fund

Donations made to our Feel Better Fund go directly toward the veterinary and medical costs of the animals that need the most help in our shelter. Every day, a new medical case seems to enter into our care, and with the rising cost of veterinary care plus the cost of supplies like prescription diets, we desperately need your help to give these homeless animals the best quality care possible. Just because they don’t have a home doesn’t mean they can’t be loved. Please be their furriend and help them Feel Better.

Late one afternoon, we received a frantic phone call from a concerned citizen who had a mother cat under his porch. The issue? She had just been hit by a car and was limping. She had six kittens who were only days old at the time. Mom and kittens were immediately brought to us, then brought into foster with a local veterinarian. Fortunately, through extensive pain management and the expertise that a veterinarian could offer, Marie Antoinette’s leg healed enough that it was possible to save it with femoral head ostectomy, or FHO surgery. On top of that, this super mom continued to nurse her six kittens until they were old enough to be weaned. Now her babies are going to their forever homes, and soon she will too!

Her vet bills for surgery alone cost more than $1400, not including the cost of her general care. Any help staving these bills is greatly appreciated!

Tiger Lily is a darling senior suffering from some extremely itchy skin. When she came to us, we had a skin biopsy done on her rashes, since she was overgrooming and mutilating her itchy skin. The results of the biopsy showed she has something called eosinophilic granuloma, which is when too many white blood cells rush to an area of the skin and cause itchy clumps and rashes. The issue is we don’t know what is causing her body to do this, so we’ve been trying her on steroids, medications, and diets to test her for allergies. This adds up to expensive care, so any support for dear Tiger Lily is greatly appreciated!

Honey Bear, also known as Boo Boo Bear because of what rough shape he was in when he came to us, is a wonderful old man who will have quite the glow-up as he heals. Currently, this senior labrador is suffering from painful mange and sores, and he’s been emaciated for far too long. Now he is in a foster home while recovering, and perhaps he’ll find a forever home soon, in between his medicated foot baths. All support for this sweet boy is greatly appreciated!

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