The Feel Better Fund

Donations made to our Feel Better Fund go directly toward the veterinary and medical costs of the animals that need the most help in our shelter. Every day, a new medical case seems to enter into our care, and with the rising cost of veterinary care plus the cost of supplies like prescription diets, we desperately need your help to give these homeless animals the best quality care possible. Just because they don’t have a home doesn’t mean they can’t be loved. Please be their furriend and help them Feel Better.

Fall Feel Better Fund
$625 out of $1,500

Lacuna is a senior lady with the love and spirit of a kitten. She is a beautiful, long gray-haired cat with stunning green eyes. Lacuna recently struggled with bladder stones and had a surgery called a cystotomy to relieve her ongoing bathroom struggles. She will also be switched over to a prescription diet that helps prevent future episodes. Lacuna’s surgery was expensive, as well as an additional emergency vet visit and her costly new diet. Any help toward Lacuna’s surgery costs and current care would be furry much appreciated!

Bessie, dog
Bessie, dog

Bessie came to us recently and immediately captured our hearts! She is a gorgeous adult Bluetick Coonhound. Bessie is around 5 years old and has already lived a long life, as she’s already had a few litters of puppies. This mama is ready for a life of relaxation and rest … other than when she wants to sniff around and explore her curiosities, like a true hound! This gentle girl is sweet as pie. Unfortunately, Bessie is currently struggling with a few tick-borne illnesses, as well as endocarditis. Bessie doesn’t feel her best right now, but she’s receiving all the care we can give her. Any support towards Bessie’s care would be wildly appreciation, and please remember to keep pets up to date on preventative care. 

We know it’s not easy to look at this picture of Parish, but this is her daily reality. Parish suffers from extreme allergies that resulted in her scratching her face to the point of open wounds. Parish now has a handy-dandy cone that she doesn’t love, but it keeps her safe. Parish is on a special diet to help lessen the severity of her allergies, as well as medications. This sweet lady loves to be pet, partially because it feels amazing on her skin, but also because she simply loves love. She will lay in your lap and enjoy being brushed for hours. Parish has a long journey ahead of her to live her most comfortable life, and any cost towards her ongoing care would be purrfect. 

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