The Feel Better Fund

Sharon currently in recoverySharon was about to celebrate what should have been the happiest day of any shelter animal’s life: going home. But it was then that a pulsating lump was discovered near her diaphragm. An emergency visit to the vet that night confirmed an unexpected diagnosis: Sharon only had days to live if she didn’t receive reparative surgery for her peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia. She  was a stray and had been born with congenital PPDH, a rare condition that basically meant there was a hole, or hernia, in the sac around her heart, meaning her intestines and other organs had started to push up inside it.

Thankfully, Maine Veterinary Medical Center in Scarborough took her in and successfully performed surgery on Sharon. She is now in medical foster in Scarborough, where she will be kept on a strict rest protocol for the next couple weeks which are crucial to her recovery.

Every donation you give helps us save lives like Sharon’s. Thank you for making this life-saving work possible!

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