The Feel Better Fund: Jif

Warning: Everyone who knows Jif loves her, so prepare a spot in your heart for her! 

The week of Christmas 2023 we received a call about a cat found in an unoccupied dwelling on the brink of death. The words used to describe this poor kitty were emaciated, exhausted, and unable to stand. The good samaritans were checking on a vacant home when they stumbled upon this little orange sweetheart in the garage. It is unknown how long she had been there, but our best guess is a few weeks. A few weeks without access to food, water, fresh air, or human care. We’re also uncertain how she got stuck in the garage, but she likely went in to explore at a point when the door was open and then was accidentally locked in.  

The kind folks who found her immediately brought her to us and we raced her to the vet. The wonderful, compassionate Lucerne Veterinary Hospital staff took Jif immediately when they heard the condition she was in. They rushed her inside where they discovered her body temperature was unreadable because it was so low. Her blood sugar levels were deadly, and there was simply a lot to manage to keep her alive. In her condition, we could have lost her at any moment. The amazing vet staff got her to a point where she was more alert and able to be transported to Eastern Maine Medical Center for the evening, as she needed constant monitoring and help staying alive. Jif has remained in vet care since December 28th and will be for the foreseeable future as she is doing better, but not entirely in the clear. Day by day, Jif is making progress! This brave girl defied the odds and is winning everyone over along the way. She is getting stronger, gaining weight, and being her sweetest self. 

We are doing everything we possibly can for Jif’s recovery, alongside the amazing members of Lucerne Veterinary Hospital and Eastern Maine Medical Center. Jif is doing better but still needs extensive care to help get her back to a point where she can maintain daily life by herself. As you can imagine, weeks of 24/7 care takes massive amounts of medication, procedures, and monitoring – and therefore, money. Please consider supporting Jif’s recovery by donating to our Feel Better Fund!

Donations made to our Feel Better Fund go directly toward the veterinary and medical costs of the animals that need the most help in our shelter. Every day, a new medical case seems to enter into our care, and with the rising cost of veterinary care plus the cost of supplies like prescription diets, we desperately need your help to give these homeless animals the best quality care possible. Just because they don’t have a home doesn’t mean they can’t be loved. Please be their furriend and help them Feel Better.

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