Are you considering fostering kittens for the SPCA of Hancock County? Here’s how to get started!

2018 kitten season

Our greatest fostering needs for felines are for pregnant/nursing mom cats, and bottle babies. We occasionally have special needs adult cats in need of foster – these can be diabetic cats, cats with behavioral challenges, or other circumstances that cause the cat to be too stressed in the shelter environment.

To get started fostering, first look up where our facility is located. (Our address is 141 Bar Harbor Rd., Trenton, ME 04605.) Keep in mind that in order to foster, you need to be able to travel to and from our facility at least two or three times. You may also encounter a situation where you need to bring your foster kitty to a vet nearer to us than to you. Are you able to do this? If we’re too far away, fostering may not work for you. There may be other ways you can help us! Give us a call to find out.

If you’ve confirmed that you’re in our area, come on in to the shelter during open hours. You’ll want to fill out an Adoption Application – but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’re adopting! We just use the same form to gather information from our foster homes so that we know how to match you up with cats in need. Once you’ve filled out the application, our Shelter Manager will contact you (or talk to you during your visit) to talk about our current fostering needs.

If we don’t have a cat or kittens for you to foster right now, we’ll keep your information on file. When one arrives, we’ll give you a call and ask if you’d like to foster! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the cat and their needs, whether it’s a mom with kittens or an adult with special needs. We’ll provide supplies such as food, litter, bedding, and toys. If your foster cat needs medicine we will also provide that, along with instructions for how to administer it. (Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before; we’re happy to teach you how!)

2019 kitten season

It’s important that you keep in contact with us throughout the fostering period. If there is any major news or you have any concerns about your foster cat, tell us right away. The sooner we know what’s going on, the better we can help you! We will give you a way to contact us in case of emergencies.

Fostering is a great way to get involved with the SPCA of Hancock County! We love our foster homes, and we work hard to make fostering a great experience that you’ll want to have again and again. Please remember that if you have any questions or concerns, we’re here for you!

2018 kitten season – adoptions pending