Mei Mei

We have a special #pupdate from Mei Mei, who is loving life in her new home! She wrote us this amazing message, with just a little bit of help from her new parents to help put it into English.

“Hi All,

It’s Mei Mei! I just wanted to let you know how I am doing in my new home. I am allowed to sleep on the couch or my own bed. I go for walks 3-4 times a day, which is fun. I smell dogs, people, and deer along the road. My family gave me both old and new toys, the old toys belonged to Hollywood. They are stuffies and I do not rip them up. I have met the grandchildren; I love them and they love me. I especially love Scarlett; I have attached a picture. I accidentally peed on the floor a couple of times but they didn’t yell at me, they just said they would have to figure out my schedule. Hope you are doing well at the Shelter.

Kind regards,

Mei Mei”



We had previously shared that Scooby was our current longest-cat resident at the SPCA-HC, having been here since April. We were hoping he may get an adoption application from the post, but we were hesitant to get too hopeful, as Scooby had some health needs that tend to scare people away, including being FIV+ and needing a special diet for diabetic remission.

Anyway, we posted Scooby’s lengthy stay status and asked the community to share his story in hopes that he would find a furever home, and boy, did you all deliver! His story was shared far and wide… and then, we received a message.

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For me, it was not only rewarding to see a wonderful dog find a new home but even better, I get to see Lily at work several times a week. She is a wonderful dog who has fit into both her new families both at home and at work. Every now and then when no one is looking, Lily  gives me a wink, letting me know that she remembers our first meeting at the SPCA and thanking me for the wonderful family I helped connect her with..

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Hey everyone! It’s me, Lacuna! I have been with my new family for over a month now and my goodness do I love it. I get spoiled every day with love, endless head kisses, and rubs. My fur mom said she came with the intent of getting a cat only a year or two old but when she saw me she knew I was the one.

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