Sully was a stray cat for years before coming to the shelter, kept alive by the kindness of a woman who would set food out for him and let him step inside her home for shelter. But he was never known as an approachable cat, always keeping his guard up, and when he came to the SPCA, although we could tell he was scared and not feral, he didn’t really open up to anyone. That is until he met his future fur-dad. The moment they met, Sully started coming out of hiding for him and even was willing to eat. We knew then that this was the person Sully wanted to go home with. He was approved for adoption and brought Sully home, and the updates we received say all is going wonderfully. Sully has gained weight and made new friends. He isn’t the same terrified cat he was at the shelter now that he has his emotional support human. He definitely has picked out his favorite, and that is fine by us. We’re so glad Sully found his happily-furever-after-family.