It takes a community—especially to help homeless animals. The SPCA of Hancock County cares for approximately 600 animals every year. They come to us through a variety of circumstances most definitely not of their own making. They come sometimes ill, injured and broken-hearted. We work to make their lives better both while they are at the shelter and for the future. Who is we? We are the small staff and many more volunteers. The animals would be lost without the SPCA volunteers. We would not be able to raise adequate funds to hire the additional staff to cover the tasks and responsibilities assumed by volunteers. Volunteers come to help in every way imaginable from cleaning cages, kennels and litterboxes to answering phones, helping with fundraising and much more, including maintenance of our website.

As the SPCA seeks to provide more assistance to animals and people in the community, our need for volunteers grows. Please consider helping the animals by volunteering. Volunteers say that they get far more from the experience than they give. That, of course, is not true but we love their humility! Get involved and attend a volunteer orientation on either Thursday, September 19 at 6pm or Saturday, September 21 at 1pm.