Jemma with her new dad!!

For those of you that are familiar with Jemma, she had been searching for the perfect home for nearly 900 days. We have some fantastic news: after multiple visits, walks, a home check, and basically ensuring he knew exactly what he was getting into, Jemma went home with her new dad!! Here at the SPCA, we have become totally attached and invested in Jemma’s well-being, so a staff member bought her some treats from local pet specialty store, Bark Harbor, to send home, and we celebrated with a cookie. This is a video compilation of Jemma’s last day at the shelter as she went home with her new dad. We wish Jemma the absolute BEST and truly, totally hope this is the perfect home for her!!

Song “New Start (Stripped)” by Jessie Villa.


Gadget & Gus

Today’s Happy Tails is brought to you by Gadget and Gus! Their new family says they are inseparable and Gadget and can’t get enough of each other!

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Just as we shelter folks were pondering how in the world sweet Vex hadn’t been adopted yet, it happened! Vex found her furever home and her new owner found an amazing companion. We were beyond happy to read this endearing update from Vex’s new home.

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We received a wonderful message from Pax’s new furever home that put big ole’ smiles on our faces!

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