Today’s Happy Tails comes from Jerome, who has spent a year in his new furever home!

“He loves windows. If they’re open, even better.

He has figured out that he doesn’t have to scavenge for food anymore. My butter dish and cooked meats are grateful. He gets fed wet food – about two tablespoons- twice daily. Dry kibble is available for grazing. He has gained a good amount of weight to cover his ribs but is not fat. He’s gone through six scratch pads. If everyone is out of the house, he meows his displeasure at being left alone.

My neighbor took a picture of him in the window and made a poster for the window next to the door that says, “Don’t let this handsome face fool you. I’m an inside cat.”

Here are a few photos I recently took of Jerome.

Thank you for a wonderful ginger cat!”



Winifred & Lily

In October the SPCA of Hancock County held an adoption event with Stanley Subaru for Subaru Loves Pets Month. During this month, over 30 pets found their new furrever homes! Today’s Happy Tail comes from Winifred and Lily’s family!

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Pretz the cat in basket


We have a wonderful Happy Tails from perfect Pretzel AKA The Bravest Boy in the World! If you’re unfamiliar with his history, here’s some background!

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After being closed to the public for a bit while we follow isolation protocol to keep our kitties safe from an upper respiratory infection making its rounds, we were very excited to receive this wonderful Happy Tails update! Read along and we hope it makes your day as much as it made ours 🙂

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