Journey, 8 years old


There are two kitties at the shelter right now who are extra precious to us. Their names are Journey and Karisma. They belonged to a dear friend of the shelter who volunteered with us for years. She would always come in with a smile to hold the kittens, fold laundry, help out at the front desk – anything she could do, she did, and with good cheer. She raised our spirits and shared the burden of caring for the shelter cats with us.


Karisma, 6 years old


Our friend has now passed away. We miss her dearly, as we know the whole community does. Her beloved cats Journey and Karisma have joined us here at the shelter.  We’re working to honor our friend’s memory by finding her kitties the best home we possibly can.


Journey loves a good windowsill.


They need to stay together. They’re mature adult cats: Journey (male) is 8 and Karisma (female) is 6. They seem to be doing well with other cats in the community cat room. Karisma is a very quiet girl who doesn’t like to be in the spotlight, and Journey likes some good low-key attention. They’re seeking a quiet, peaceful home, like the one they’ve lived in for their whole lives.

Karisma likes the cozy house at the top of the cat tree.


Karisma has one eye that chronically weeps a little bit. It typically does not bother her. We’ll be happy to give you details about how to monitor it and care for her.

If you think you would like to give a safe haven to Journey and Karisma for the rest of their lives, please give us a call at (207) 667-8088 or come in for a visit Wednesday-Sunday 11-5.