Kandinsky and Warhol

One year later – from feral to lap cats

In the summer of 2020, we rescued a dozen cats that ended up being far more feral than originally described to us. When you bring feral cats into an indoor setting, it can lead to unique challenges … but sometimes it turns out they’re not that feral at all! We received this wonderful update from Kandinsky and Warhol’s mom, who says it’s like they’ve forgotten they were anything but lap cats. We’re so glad someone gave them a chance and gave them time to come out of their shells because clearly these boys are DONE with the feral life and are loving all this pampering! Happiest of tails, Kandinsky and Warhol!


Gadget & Gus

Today’s Happy Tails is brought to you by Gadget and Gus! Their new family says they are inseparable and Gadget and can’t get enough of each other!

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Just as we shelter folks were pondering how in the world sweet Vex hadn’t been adopted yet, it happened! Vex found her furever home and her new owner found an amazing companion. We were beyond happy to read this endearing update from Vex’s new home.

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We received a wonderful message from Pax’s new furever home that put big ole’ smiles on our faces!

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