Have you seen the Kuranda beds in the dog kennels at the shelter? They look like this:

Kane demonstrates how to properly sit on a Kuranda bed.

These beds are great because they are easy to clean, they last a long time, and they are comfortable for the dogs. It used to be that the frames of Kuranda beds were all made with PVC plastic – which is pretty tough stuff. Nonetheless, it suffers over time from ambitious chewers, and eventually there are so many teeth marks that a bed becomes hard to clean, and eventually breaks.

We recently found out that Kuranda now makes beds with aluminum frames! This would be ideal for our largest dogs, as these beds will last and last. We have very few large, x-large, and xx-large beds even though we often have these sizes of dogs! Not only that, our older PVC frame beds are really showing their age.

We would love to be able to replace our older PVC frame beds with the aluminum frame kind, but as a nonprofit organization, we need a little help. We’ve arranged with Kuranda to have our wishlist on their website through their Donate a Bed program. This way you can buy the dogs a new Kuranda bed at the shelter discount pricing.

Please follow this link directly to our wishlist: Kuranda Donate a Bed, SPCA HC