The SPCA of Hancock County would like to announce our new Go Green Composting Initiative! Anyone who has a dog knows that the facts of life dictate that there’s waste to pick up when you have a dog. Did you know that composting it is one of the best options? Here at the SPCA of Hancock County, we adopt out nearly 100 dogs per year… that means we have a lot of waste to pick up!

Not only that, we adopt out over 400 cats per year. We use wood pellets as cat litter (it works great, is cheap, and is low-dust compared to clay), and that adds up to a lot of sawdust. In addition to the other benefits of wood pellet cat litter, it’s also compostable.  

Instead of continuing to throw these organic waste products in the dumpster, we’re launching our Go Green initiative to put them to good use! One of our very own Animal Care Staff, Devina, pushed us to think outside the box (or dumpster, in this case), and we’re delighted to take this step to Go Green.

To celebrate our first volunteer work day to get this project started, we’re hosting a Go Green Party at our facility on May 19th – this very Saturday! Drop by 141 Bar Harbor Road in Trenton between 2-4 pm May 19th. We’ll have snacks, a tour of the new composting project, and a Q&A session with a staff member!