After being closed to the public for a bit while we follow isolation protocol to keep our kitties safe from an upper respiratory infection making its rounds, we were very excited to receive this wonderful Happy Tails update! Read along and we hope it makes your day as much as it made ours 🙂

“Hello there,

My name is Audrey and I adopted an all-black male cat that was named Brisket back in January. 

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for helping me complete my little furry family! I thought I’d send a little bit of an update.

I renamed him Louie and he is so sweet and good natured. I really lucked out. He is friendly and wants to say hi to everyone, especially kids for some reason. He has grown A LOT (so not sure if he was as old as we thought). He has become obsessed with a plastic seedling tray cover that I call his Louie loaf pan and when he is not there you can find him lounging in his other perches. Louie is playful, likes to zoom haphazardly up and down the stairs, enjoys batting the ball back and forth with my nephew, and has become fond of winding up my dog into chasing him around the house. My dog is a 10 year old husky mix that still is very puppy-like and needed a playmate. Turns out, my dog wasn’t slowing down at all due to age, she was just depressed and lonely. And having Louie around has made her perk back up to her normal self. It has been so much fun and made my heart so full to see them bond and play this year.

I’ve attached some pictures, if you’re interested.

Again, many thanks!”

Happiest of Tails to you, Audrey & Louie! 💙




The beautiful cat you see in the “after” photos lives the same life as a typical cat and is THRIVING from the love and care given by his family. We are so thankful that his family saw him for his beautiful spirit and the dedication they’ve given to nurse him to the beautiful, healthy cat he is today.

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Winifred & Lily

In October the SPCA of Hancock County held an adoption event with Stanley Subaru for Subaru Loves Pets Month. During this month, over 30 pets found their new furrever homes! Today’s Happy Tail comes from Winifred and Lily’s family!

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Pretz the cat in basket


We have a wonderful Happy Tails from perfect Pretzel AKA The Bravest Boy in the World! If you’re unfamiliar with his history, here’s some background!

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