Mittens (Mitty)

We received a truly beautiful update about sweet Mittens. Please take the time to read her story and we hope it brings you the same happiness it brought us! ❤️

“This is the story of a feral cat that I adopted nearly a year ago.  Her name is Mittens, I call her Mitty. 

I will be 81 this month.  I have had cats in my life since I was a toddler.  Mostly my family owned cats that were in and out of the house.  We also always had a dog.  Our animals were always well loved and well taken care of.  I grew up in a city and there were always stray cats around and we also would occasionally feed them but never were they inside our home.  Through-out my life I have mostly followed that pattern although now for the past 55 or so years I have lived in the country.  

Mitty was a feral cat.  When I came in to meet her, I realized she was scared and didn’t want me to touch her, so I didn’t, I was allowed to adopt her and brought her home to a home empty of pets or other humans.  I thought, in a few days, she would become friendly and want to be with me for comfort.  I was totally wrong.  She stayed in one of my back bedrooms and would hide if I went in.  After about 4 or 5 weeks I noticed that she would come out at night and roam around the house but as soon as I got up in the morning, she would go hide again.  I didn’t push her but I tried to make friends with her a little.   Each day I would spend time in her room with her but not really interacting with her.  She would lay in her carrier and watch me or on a shelf and watch me but wouldn’t come down.

At about week 7, an unexpected thing happened which changed both of our lives.  My daughter called and told me she and her husband were going to be traveling thru South America for about 5 years and she needed to find a home for her little dog, Bella and her cat Meow-meow.  She asked me if I could take them.  At first I said no, but then I agreed to take them, if only to find them good homes.  

This was the beginning of Mittens coming out of her shell.  I hadn’t had Meow-meow more than 3 days when she wanted to go in the room with Mittens.  I was a little nervous about them meeting but I took her in and WOW, Mittens came right out of her shell.  She came over to Meow-meow and as I sat there on the floor watching, Mittens and Meow-meow sniffed noses.  We stayed only for a few minutes that day, but from that first meeting until now they spend time together every day.  Mittens still didn’t want me to approach her but she and Meow-meow would play and chase each other and sleep in the same room during the day and they began to have and understanding of each other and a friendship.  Mittens has developed a love for Meow-meow and Meow-meow likes Mittens although Meow-meow is a total people cat and would rather be with me than in with Mittens, everything has worked out really well for both cats.  

My little dog Bella, is a chiweenie dog and loves to chase.  I have puppy gates up to protect the cats and Mittens used to run away when Bella would run at her on her side of the gate, but Mittens soon learned that the gate was her protection and now Mittens will just sit there and watch Bella do her run and now they even sniff noses thru the gate.  

Yesterday was a milestone for me and Mittens.  She let me pat he back and scratch her.  Then  I was able to comb out her loose hair on her back and she seemed to like it.  She still doesn’t want me to touch her head but I am so thankful to be able to brush her  so I can help her with her shedding.  

I am very glad you let me adopt her last summer and she has taught me a lot about cat behavior and what love can do when both side want it.  We are a family now, Mittens, Meow-meow, and Bella.  They all helped keep me going this past winter and we will be together for many years, the good Lord willing.


Jane Rowe”

Extra Happy Tails, Mitty!




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