Earlier this month, we changed our road sign to indicate we were open for visitors to come walk in and meet our available cats, and the response has been HUGELY positive. Kittens have been flying out the doors, and even some of our longtime residents, like Leonard, have found homes thanks to the freedom the walk in visits offer. On top of so many happy adoptions, many of you wonderful visitors bring much-needed donations with you. We’re so happy to be reunited with our community in this way, and look forward to seeing more of your smiling faces every Wednesday through Saturday from 11am to 4pm.

We still ask that you call ahead to schedule a time to visit with our dogs, since we are trying to keep meet-and-greets as fear-free and stress-free as possible and it allows us time to bring the dogs to the play yard for all to have a better experience.

Animals like Leonard and Dozer, who have been longtime residents of the SPCA for 5 months or longer, have found homes because of folks dropping by for visits.