It likely does not come as a surprise that our local Ellsworth Area currently struggles with a staffing shortage, and unfortunately the shelter has felt these effects as well. Overcoming this challenge, and the related consequences, becomes acutely sensitive when animals and families depend on our operation. 

So how are we able to stay operational? A huge reason is because of our amazing group of volunteers! – Last November, we re-vamped the volunteer program. We started hosting multiple orientation tours every month and also made an extra effort to welcome and include volunteers in all aspects of our daily operations. These volunteers truly have become a part of our team, and directly help us expand our capacities.

Also, to help strengthen and encourage the staff that we do have, the shelter sets aside special days for Employee Training. These days are much-needed training opportunities for staff, often one-on-one with a manager, where everyone can learn new animal care and cleaning techniques, new skills, and operating procedures. This provides a “quiet” and calm environment for our staff to be at their best. 

And of course, we advertise relentlessly for new animal care and front desk positions . . . 

 – If you, or someone you know would like to work here, please follow this link to a post about our current job openings:

Or to Learn More about our Volunteer Program: 

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