Founded in 1911, the SPCA of Hancock County, Maine, is a life-saving organization committed to providing shelter and care for abandoned, stray and surrendered animals. Since opening the doors of our expanded facility in Trenton in October 2010, our organization has found homes for thousands of dogs and cats.
We are also focused on community outreach and education on proper and humane animal care.

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Open for Visits Again!

Earlier this month, we changed our road sign to indicate we were open for visitors to come walk in and meet our available cats, and the response has been HUGELY positive.

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Temporarily Closing Bottle Tent at SPCA

Due to the overflow of bottles in our tent, and the strain it currently puts on local redemption centers, we have put a temporary hold on receiving redeemable bottles and cans at our parking lot redemption tent until the tent is completely emptied.

However, we are still using the CLYNK redemption program, so anyone looking to support our cats and dogs by recycling is welcome to grab as many bags with our unique tags on them as desired.

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Here is a happy tail from a very special boy, Jerome! Jerome is FIV+ and needed extensive dental work done, but now he’s fully recovered

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Looking for a Pet Pal?

Did you know you can receive monthly letters written from the perspective of a shelter animal, along with updated photos of them? When you join our Pet Pal program by giving at least $30 monthly, you are not only donating to the animals you love, but you get to know them more personally. It’s like having a pet away from home!


Cody is a sweet older boy (16 years old!) in need of a quiet and calm home.

We don’t usually see much of him during the day. He prefers to hide in a dark, cozy spot in his cage. We know he comes out at night to explore and have a snack, though!

Cody is just in shock. He was in his last home for most (if not all) of his life, and he suddenly found himself here at the shelter. We’ve given him some time to come out of his shell, but at this point, he may only truly relax once he’s in a real home environment. He doesn’t mind being held, but he gets a bit anxious in a new room with lots of space. Fair enough, Cody! Wide open spaces can be scary. Sometimes you just want to curl up under a blanket on the couch, and Cody prefers to do this every day.

If this gentle older boy is your speed (or lack thereof!), send in an application for Cody. Senior cats like Cody have discounted adoption fees because they’re often overlooked for kittens or younger cats. But Cody needs a cozy home for his golden years, too!

Thank you to our community partners!

Stanley Subaru
The Maine Community Foundation
Red Empress Foundation
Robert & Carol Calder
Charles Butt