Celebrate your favorite pets with our photo contests!

Every month the SPCA of Hancock County hosts a monthly themed photo contest. These contests are a fun opportunity to share favorite pictures with family and friends and also to become a part of official SPCA history. The pet photos with the most votes at the end of each month win the contest and will become an official page in the 2023 SPCA calendar!

How it works:

The community is welcome to submit their favorite pet photos each month through social media posts, facebook messenger, or by emailing development@spcahancockcounty.org. Entry is completely free. Once the SPCA receives your photo of choice, you will receive a customized form link that features your beloved pet and will allow your friends and family to vote! 

The pet photo with the most votes at the end of the month wins the contest! 

A Message from the Shelter:

 ALL proceeds will go towards the care, shelter, and placement of cats and dogs across Hancock County. We are a shelter run by the community and could never do this work without you, so we hope you enjoy this way of saving lives and making a difference while also celebrating your own furry friends! By sharing your pet’s photo form with family and friends, you are encouraging them to help your favorite furry friend to win . . . plus that dollar goes a long way toward helping an animal in need. Win -Win!

We hope you enjoy these contests and look forward to seeing all your fantastic entries.

The 2022 photo contests, including November and December, have closed! Stay tuned, we will be announcing the winners soon! 

** Every year we have to close early to design and create the calendars in time for the new year.

The 2023 calendar is scheduled to be available for sale on our website on December 1st.

The new 2023 photo contests will open for submissions in mid-December, so check back to submit your favorite photos for 2023! Thank you for participating!

October Contest:  Sponsored by Zeppa’s Pizza


Thank you Zeppa’s Pizza! 

(closed, winner will be announced soon)

Howl 3

November Contest:  Pets in Autumn!

(closed, winner will be announced soon)

Moxie Rachel Lee

December Contest: Festive Pets!

(closed, winner will be announced soon)

mushy by sonja waldrop

Once all contests have closed (on October 31st) we will create the 2023 SPCA calendar. It is scheduled to be available for purchase on our website on December 1st. Thank you for participating and supporting the animals of Hancock County!

September Contest: Happy Cats

The winner was… Lizzy!

Thank you to everyone who participated!