Celebrate your favorite pets with our photo contests!

Every month in 2022, we will host a monthly themed photo contest, complete with winners! Winners will receive a special place in our 2023 calendar, as well as the opportunity to made into unique merchandise on our Bonfire store which benefits shelter animals. Because every animal is a winner, the first 9 runner-ups each month will be made into a collage and featured on apparel together on our Bonfire store. ALL proceeds go toward the love, care, shelter, and placement of the cats and dogs of the SPCA of Hancock County. We are a shelter run by the community and could never do this work without you, so we hope you enjoy this way of saving lives and making a difference while celebrating your furry friends!

Contest rules are simple: at the beginning of each month, we will put out a notice for how long we will be accepting entries for our current theme. Then we will take a day or two to create the contestant forms and send them to all contestants. After that, success depends on you! Use the share buttons to share your page with your friends and family and let them know that every dollar they donate is another vote for your best friend … plus that dollar goes a long way toward helping a homeless animal! Win-win!

We are currently closed to January Pets in Winter Wonderland entries. If you want to compete in the next contest, stay tuned for February’s theme, A Tail of True Love!

It's voting time! Every dollar you donate is another vote for your favorite photo!

(And yes, you can vote for yourself, as many times as you want to! You can also vote for as many photos as you want. Vote as much and as often as your heart – and wallet – desires!)