“It’s hard to believe how large of an impact an animal can have on one’s life, but this little critter has had a transformative effect on the lives of his owners. Pinot came to his pet parents Ashley and Daniel in June of 2022. Arriving home at a mere eight weeks old, P’s parents have cherished watching him grow and develop a vivid personality. The epitome of ‘vivacious’, Pinot enjoys causing a ruckus at all hours, but also having peaceful morning snuggles to start the day. He has grown to become an extremely intelligent cat, with his most impressive trick being learning how to jump up the wall and flip the light switch on and off (much to his parents’ chagrin).

Pinot will be celebrating his first birthday this month and hopes that in lieu of gifts, the SPCA of Hancock County will receive your generous donations or even for you to adopt a furry friend of your own.”