One of our HAPPY TAILS:


This is Rex. You all have helped pay for his amputation a couple months ago. He was born with a deformed front left arm. Lucerne Vet determined the best thing for him was amputation. He recovered and was adopted, but the dogs in his new home were not quite up to his energy level (one was older and blind and Rex spooked him one night) so he was returned a couple weeks after adoption. Our cat care manager had been fostering him off and on since he was brought in to the SPCA and helped him recover from his amputation. When he was returned, she felt like it was a sign that she should keep him. So she did! He has been happy with his new brother and sister (also black cats) ever since. We the SPCA and her want to thank you all so much for donating to his amputation surgery. He is as happy as ever and loves his new life. He has a brother who grooms him and plays with him as well as a sister who likes playing with him too. Merry Christmas, Rex! 


Twig & Smudge

Twig and Smudge are a bonded sibling duo that recently went home and sent an update. Here is what their family had to say: “They

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Ducky, the gray tabby on the right with the big tomcat cheeks, is happy to be accepted for cuddles in his family of cats! Ducky

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Odin & Oliver

Odin and Oliver are a bonded pair of brothers that had a difficult time finding the right home for them – but after some stressful

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Happy Monday all! Let’s start it off with a jolly Holly story. Holly was an older kitten adopted out earlier this year, and her family

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Duncan & Milo

This update comes from two of Maya’s puppies, who are growing ridiculously fast! Duncan and Milo were born this summer but are growing into big

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