DONATION DRIVE UPDATE 9.8.2018: The donation drive was a big success! Thank you so much to everyone who participated. We exceeded our goal of 30 cordsyou purchased 53 for us! Wow! You also gave us $45 in store credit at Bold Lead Designs so that we can purchase other equipment such as harnesses or head halters as needed.

Original post below.

DONATION DRIVE: Donate one simple piece of equipment to make a world of difference for dogs at the SPCA of Hancock County!

Nikki (right) and Juno (left) were so skittish when they arrived at the shelter. Read their story when you donate a safety cord at this link!

Bold Lead Designs makes a lightweight woven safety cord. These safety cords give us a second point of attachment when walking the shelter dogs. This way, if a collar, leash snap, or harness fails, we’re still holding a leash with a dog on the other end! This is an incredibly helpful safety device at the shelter, where some dogs are skittish or prone to slipping out of their equipment.

Our goal is 30 safety cords by August 20, 2018. This number would allow us to have a safety cord for every leash we keep in the kennel areas. Each cord costs $4, and if you choose to donate 6 or more, they are only $3 each!

Go to THIS PAGE to order. You will also have the opportunity to donate toward the SPCA HC’s account with Bold Lead Designs, which would allow us to purchase other equipment as needed. At the end of the donation drive, the safety cords will be shipped directly to the shelter!

Thank you Bold Lead Designs for helping the shelter animals! This small company makes leashes, head halters, collars, harnesses, and service dog equipment right here in the United States.