Dear Animal-Loving Friends

Your love for animals is changing lives! As 2021 reaches an end, your support has helped the SPCA of Hancock County provide shelter, food, medical care, and love to over 450 animals already! Many of these animals are living out their happy tails  – the overwhelming majority end up in loving homes with families that adore them. However, there are some that are less-adoptable, and you may wonder – what happens to them? Are we truly committed to saving lives at the SPCA of Hancock County?

Bella was such an animal. She spent four years of her young life in shelters – two years in a shelter in Virginia, then two years with us. Throughout those years, many people tried to adopt Bella, but her needs were so specific, we could not find the right “fit” for her. Finally, it became clear that shelter-life was not what was best for Bella, and we made a difficult choice … we shelled out $5000 so she could live forever in a wonderful sanctuary for dogs like her in New York. She is now living her best life with new doggie friends and no worries.

Bella is not the only animal we have invested our time and resources into; 2021 isn’t even over yet and already 450 animals have come in and out of our doors! When an animal becomes a long-term resident like Bella was, that cost rises from hundreds of dollars to thousands per animal, and the only way we can continue to do this life-saving work is thanks to the support of people like you. 

Your gift today can make the difference in an animal’s life forever by providing them with crucial shelter, food, veterinary care, and of course love that prepares them for their future families.
Can you make a donation today for the animals still waiting for their happily-forever-afters?