Shelter Newsletter: February 2019

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Shelter Newsletter: February 2019

We’re excited to bring you the newest edition of our email newsletter, revamped based on your survey responses! Click Here to read the web version. You can also subscribe to receive the newsletter in your inbox. Look for the link at the bottom of this page to subscribe.


To see more pictures like this, click the link to the newsletter above!


This is the first volume of our revamped newsletter. Changes we’re making:

  • Monthly Newsletter: We used to send out our newsletter seasonally/quarterly, but we’re switching to monthly for 2019.
  • More Adoptable Animals: We typically included only one or two current shelter animals, but you want to see more of them, and we’re happy to oblige!
  • Shelter Updates: We used to primarily tell you about big events, such as our annual Wine & Whiskers, but we’ll be telling you about smaller events, shelter updates, and urgent wishlist needs in each newsletter now.
  • Extra Goodies: Many of you indicated that you’d like to hear from us twice/month or more, so in addition to our Monthly Newsletter we’re offering extra updates mid-month (including the Shelter Success Stories we’ve had so many requests for!). To subscribe for Extra Goodies, either follow the link above to request them through the button in the newsletter, or email with the subject, “Extra Goodies, please!” and we’ll add you to the list!