Nicole Rediker

Executive Director

I’ve been working with animals for over half of my life, from the smallest mouse to the largest horse and I can’t get enough of them. I started my career at the University of Maine where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. I primarily worked with large animals while in school and developed a love for the dairy cows on my college campus. Upon graduation, I began working with small animals at a vet clinic in Hawaii and I decided that being a Veterinary Technician was the best career choice for me. I enrolled in school to become a licensed vet tech while working in a clinic in Maryland. I came back home to Maine after completing school and I started my journey with the SPCA in June 2018. I’ve always felt a strong pull towards shelter medicine, and after submerging myself in this organization, I know that this is exactly where I belong.

When I’m not at the shelter, I’m spending as much time with my family as possible. If I could live outside, I would. I love nothing more than exploring new beaches or hiking with my dog Jake, except maybe curling up with a good book or working on a painting with a cat or two in my lap.

Photo of Cole M

Cole Mastroserio

Shelter Operations Manager

My name is actually Nicole but that was taken already by our director! Originally I volunteered at the SPCA by painting less-adoptable animals, and then I started working at the SPCA in September 2019 as an Animal Care Associate. Because I had a tendency to pretend I was Dr. Doolittle and could speak to the animals, they let me on social media and our website to promote the animals. Now I write their stories, plus the newsletters, etc. I went on a brief hiatus throughout most of 2021 but came back in August 2021.

I live with six cats because I’m crazy. I would have dogs too except I don’t have the situation for them. My bajillion cats are: brothers Tyke (my baby boy pictured with me) and Zorro, Rita (adopted from this SPCA in 2018), sisters Dinah and Elena (foster fails from this SPCA), and Bob (another foster fail from this SPCA; he told me he was dying and I believed him. Spoiler: he’s fine.)

When I’m not swathed in cats or dogs or playing with them and pretending that it’s work, I’m off doing something creative, whether that’s crocheting or working on a joint science fiction story with my brother that will probably take our whole lives to finish. (We’re CD Mastro on Patreon, if you want to look us up, plug plug.)

Caroline Hatch

Customer Service / Animal Care

I often work the front desk, and I facilitate “meet and greets.” Previously I worked on local farms, caring for cows, sheep and horses. In high school I did volunteer hours for “Key Club” at this SPCA.

I currently have a pit-bull named Charlie, and three cats, named Mister, Lady, and Glenwood. One of the cats I adopted from this SPCA.

Rhiannon Lewis

Development Officer

I have the honor of working with inspiring, generous donors to support the SPCAHC’s essential services for animals and families in Hancock County. While my own family is originally from Maine, I grew up in the Central Valley of California. Before returning to Mount Desert Island with my partner and our two cats in 2019, I held a variety of roles in philanthropy within the San Francisco Bay Area. I also have a PhD in English Literature, and have taught writing and literature courses at Stanford University and College of the Atlantic. My partner and I look forward to continuing to build our lives here in Hancock County; we’ve already added five rescued mini horses to our small but growing farm.

Being part of the SPCAHC is a dream come true for me. If you have questions about how you can join the SPCAHC donor family, please feel free to reach out to me at 207-460-0536.

Paige Howard

Foster and Volunteer Coordinator

I’m an animal lover from birth. I have a pit mix at home. I started at the Hancock County SPCA as a volunteer, and now I’m working in cat care. I’m excited for all the learning opportunities to come.

Annie Chalmers

Shelter Medicine Technician

I was born and raised on MDI and have loved animals my whole life. I began volunteering at the SPCA when I was a kid, then later I had to grow up and get a real job.

About two years later, I saw an ad on Facebook for a job opening at the shelter. I just had to get my hands on that awesome opportunity. I ended up getting the job, and it was by far the best thing that has ever happened to me.

My job here has led me to see so many animals find their forever homes, including my newest cat, Beauty. I happened to be working the day she was surrendered, all alone and helpless. She was the smallest, prettiest little black kitten I’d ever seen. I ended up taking her home to foster her, then realized that I wasn’t able to function without her.

Including Beauty, I have three cats and a dog. All of my animals are rescue animals, and two came from this SPCA.

David Mastroserio

Office Assistant