Meet Cinnamon, a 14 year old cuddlebug who found herself in a sticky situation.

Cinnamon is a spice that everyone likes. It’s delicious, but not too powerful. It goes well with so many dishes, we can’t even count them. It’s also an apt name for this sweet and loving kitty!

Cinnamon is an older cat at 14 years. She came to the shelter after her owner died. Shelter staff quickly came to adore this small and beautiful cat.  She gave us so many cuddles, and her purrs filled the room. She loves to go exploring, and was bold enough to ask the staff for some of their sausage at breakfast time. (Don’t worry, we only gave her a little!)

We noticed when she arrived at the shelter that she was a bit thin. We had her checked out at the vet, and discovered that, like many older cats, Cinnamon had developed hyperthyroidism. It’s easily managed with medicine, and she responded quickly to treatment, gaining weight. (Ok, ok, those sausages might have had something to do with it too…) 

Cinnamon is happy to snuggle any time. Staff members couldn’t resist!

What’s even better than helping Cinnamon feel better and gain weight? We got a call: someone who knew Cinnamon before she came to the shelter had just found out that she was with us. He told us how he used to feed her sardines and other tasty treats when she visited. (No wonder she was so good at talking us into giving her sausages!) Not only that, he missed his little visitor kitty, and wanted to adopt her! Our gentle little Cinnamon is going home with someone she knows, who is delighted to take her home, keep her inside, and give her medicine every day so that she can live the rest of her life in comfort and joy. If that’s not a happy ending, we don’t know what is!

Cinnamon’s packed her bags for home, and she’s keeping her eye on the driveway!