George liked to sprawl photogenically during open hours to attract potential adopters.

George arrived with scrapes on his head, but the friendliest attitude. We took care of his injuries, and thanks to his wonderful personality, George found a home very quickly. George’s new family wanted to be sure that their current cat, Kitty, would accept George into the household. Luckily, in cases like this, we can send a cat home for something called a “foster-to-adopt.” This is a foster period that’s just long enough to confirm that everyone’s going to settle into the new routine. Part way through George’s two week foster-to-adopt period, we received a wonderful message from his family!

“I just brought home the cat you named George, who we have renamed Sam. I can say, now, that you will not get Sam back! It’s been almost a week, and I can tell you without any reservation, my “shy” cat, Kitty, had me a little worried the first few days, as he had just lost his dog and now we brought in this new, friendly, kitty. But we both have worked hard day and night to not only help Kitty to feel loved and safe, but to also include Sam into our family and help him to feel loved and safe, too.

Now we are still working with them, but the initial hissing (from Kitty) is over. And Sam no longer hides in our sofa, but through encouragements (and a few treats), I have brought him out and now he sits with me every day. Kitty has always preferred my husband (and Zoe, our dearly departed dog), so, Kitty now sleeps every night with Bob, and Sam with me. They often meet in the middle together and I see a time when they will become friends!”  

Sam, formerly George, and his new best buddy.