The First National presents their sponsorship! (plus kitten snuggles)

A Hearty Thank You to Everyone Who Makes this Work Possible!

The SPCA of Hancock County strengthens and supports the quality of our local neighborhoods. Our services act as a safety net set in place to rescue the most vulnerable animals across the county. It is not hard to imagine the dire circumstances that would result if these animals and families had no place to turn. Every day we are rewriting the futures of these animals, and also their families and communities. 

Every donor matters! You help local animals to thrive!

The Half Way: Update!

As of 9/21, we are happy to report that our community has raised nearly $12,000 (when doubled that becomes $24,000!) in support of the Animals of Hancock County with several weeks still to go! This is an amazing testament to the generosity and strength of our town and county! These local animals and our entire community thrive because of partnerships and campaigns like these. Also many thanks to WABI TV 5; Fox News, Channel 7; Star 97.7; Town Square Media; and many local newspapers for publicizing this fundraiser. We remain operational because of this support, thank you!

 45+ donors have already contributed, as well as First National Bank and the other Charitable Families that sponsored this campaign! Together we accomplish amazing work and make a notable difference for local animal welfare! Thank you for making this work possible!

We wish to share just a few of the special animals, and their stories that this campaign has supported this month. Their adorable faces (and bellies) speak volumes:

And of course, the other 34+ animals adopted this month, the 42+ new animals we accepted, and the 38+ animals in foster! (and the month is not over yet)

Please consider supporting these amazing animals.