In addition to financial support, there are other ways you can help the SPCA of Hancock County.
Please participate in the programs below, and also check out  VOLUNTEER opportunities!

Wish Lists

We have a great need for items – like food, cleaning supplies to keep the shelter pristine and healthy, and enrichment for the animals. And we love to receive presents from Amazon, Chewy, or local stores. You can have items shipped directly to us by purchasing them from our Wish Lists, or you can leave donations by our front door from 7am to 5pm every day.

And while you’re in your Amazon account…
Make sure you are supporting the Hancock County SPCA with every purchase through Amazon’s SMILE program. Signing up is easy!

Click below to make the Hancock County SPCA your recipient of Amazon’s SMILE program! 

We’ve organized our wish lists into three separate lists, according to priority and how great the need is.

Love shopping on Chewy? We do too! We even have a Wish List if you want to send our animals any presents or essentials to make their stay that much better.

Our cats go through a lot of scratchers. Can you donate some? You can buy directly from Stretch and Scratch and have them delivered to the SPCA, or you can even save your cardboard egg cartons and bring them over so our crafty folks can turn them into scratchers for the kitties.

Kuranda Beds are simply the best when it comes to comfort and sanitation in a shelter. Plus they come in all sizes and builds, including ones for cats! Our animals would love more bed to keep their kennels interesting.

Shop our Bonfire Store

Shop and save lives when you buy SPCA apparel and mugs. These items are shipped directly to you.

Donate your refundable bottles and cans to pay down the vet bills of animals at the SPCA!

Kittens on CLYNK bags

Take our little green bags and you can redeem bottles at a Hannaford participating in CLYNK near you instead of driving back to the shelter – find a location near you in Maine or New York!


We have a wonderful little green tent that was donated for the purpose of being a recycling shelter, located right in our parking lot. This tent is accessible at all times. Simply go down our driveway and turn left in our parking lot, and you can leave your bottles inside the tent. We ask that you please leave them in bags – if you don’t have bags, you may use the bags we provide. This is to make life easier for the recycling centers that kindly pick up our bottles for us. We accept plastic, aluminum, and glass bottles and cans.

Pick up Clynk tags at the SPCA, which have our bar code on them. Give us a call and we’ll give you a supply!

Fill your bags with your refundable bottles and cans, then drop the bags back at the SPCA or at any other participating Hannaford in Maine or New York).

Feel free to take as many of our CLYNK bags or tags as you need! Our volunteers will help us keep up with the demand and act as ambassadors to their neighbors, often handing out bags to their friends and family. If you want to buy your own CLYNK bags from Hannaford, that is fine, please just make sure to stock up on our tags so that when you scan the bags at the recycling center, the donation goes straight to the animals.

Walk for a Dog

Lexi on leash

1. Download the Wooftrax App on your IPhone or Android

2. Select SPCA of Hancock County, ME
3. Create a profile for your pet(s)
4. Walk your dog!

Thank you so much for your support of the Hancock County SPCA!