Pet Matchmaking Event

We are bringing adoptions to you, all over the county, in our Pet Matchmaking Event! While we will not be bringing any cats with us to our five locations throughout the county, we will have profiles and photos of our adoptable animals … rather like an online dating service! Our matchmaking masters will help you find your purrfect match on September 19th.

Come visit one of our booths at a location near you!

  • Blue Hill Co-Op @ 70 S Street, Blue Hill
  • Jerry’s Hardware @ 3 Acadia Hwy, Bucksport
  • Winter Harbor 5&10 @ 349 Main Street, Winter Harbor
  • Cornerstone Gallery @ 322 Main Street, SW Harbor
  • Kebo Valley Golf Club @ 136 Eagle Lake Rd, Bar Harbor


First Week Panic – It’s going to be ok!

Step one: See cute animal. Step two: Bring home cute animal.  Step three: Suddenly realize that you’re responsible for the life of a whole other living creature, and PANIC! Sound familiar? Even if you’re sure that you’re ready to bring home a new pet, it’s very common to have a moment (or more) of panic or self-doubt in the first week or two. After all, it’s a big decision! Here’s what we at the SPCA would like for you to know, if you’re currently feeling this…


What exactly is the clicker, anyway? Guest Writer: Jane Young

Did you just bring home a new dog from the SPCA for your two week foster-to-adopt period? Looking for some resources to help your (hopeful!) new family member settle in successfully? This article is the first in our ongoing series to help you through this process. We know adopting a new dog can be overwhelming at first, and we hope that providing you with these online resources will help you find answers to your questions easily from home. Please keep in mind that if you…


How to be kind to the shelter dogs when you visit

We would like to share some Do's and Don't's with you for when you visit the dogs in the SPCA HC's kennel area. We strongly prefer to bring dogs out for you to meet in the play yard or on a walk, because the kennel area is a stressful place for the dogs and they don't always show their best selves in the kennel. However, we understand that many people want to be able to view the dogs in their kennels. Here are some things…